About Blaine Robert Design Sdn Bhd


“As the Creative Director and Design Consultant of BLAINE ROBERT DESIGN SDN. BHD., the
world of design is at my doorstep,” says Blaine Robert.

“I am driven to design for both personal clients as well as the consumer, getting them to
understand trends while keeping my sense of design style. The possibilities for growth and
creating style are sometimes overwhelming, but I must be able to stand proudly next to my
pieces and know that to some extent, they bring love and joy into people›s lives, for I believe
that our environment creates a sense of wellbeing. Therefore, my signature is on everything I
create as an assurance of this. I love being a part of that.”

Blaine is based in Kuala Lumpur and intends to stay as seen by the incorporation of his own
company, as there is a demand in the country for his signature adventurous, left-field designs.

Blaine’s path to Malaysia took him through several countries in the Asia-Pacific region, where

he picked up eclectic design elements and inspiration from the various cultures in which he
found himself designing.