About Bicarro Timber Flooring Sdn Bhd

Bicarro has been providing professional timber flooring installation services to our customers for over 10 years in Malaysia, ranging from residential to commercial projects. Today, Bicarro Timber Flooring not only provides timber installation services but is also a distributor for a wide range of top quality branded timber flooring products.We owe our excellent track record and reputation in the market to our dedicated team of employees. Our in-house technical department, sales representatives, and management team are always on hand to provide our clients with the most relevant information, knowledge and technical support that instill a high level of trust and satisfaction in our customers.
Our high standard of product and professional installation brings the full benefit of beauty and comfort to our customers’ home and for commercial spaces too. When it comes to installation, we use only our own in-house installer, giving customers our assurance of quality workmanship.Our strong relationship with our suppliers allows us to stay up to date with the latest information, design and pattern available. This close working relationship pampers our customers with the best services and products in market.