About AB INOX Sdn Bhd


AB INOX Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor for Ming JOE Kitchen Science and Technology Limited in Malaysia.

The modern and high tech company from Fujian province manufactures high quality stainless steel bathroom and kitchen cabinets, appliances and accessories for its global market by housing research and development, design and production, manufacturing, sales and services under a single roof and hiring the best professional designers and assemblers for its operation.

Its 20,000 sq ft factory is equipped with the latest and most advanced stainless steel plating and laser cutting machine. Manufacture with science backed by the Japanese, technology by the Germans and retained Europe’s cutting edge design elements.

What We Do

Our kitchens provide a contemporary aesthetic further emphasized through our utilization of high quality and durable custom manufactured stainless steel, complimented with low maintenance engineered stones countertops.